Möbius is the result of an advanced special coating manufacturing technology, with a unique matt and electron beam surface curing technology.

Mobius for everyone:

For "Innovators" who are open to the perception of a changing world, lovers of innovation, for those who follow technology and value time. Möbius is able to surprise and delight. For those who are passionate about design and architecture. Who chooses from the best and modern.

For thoughtful and rational.
For those who make informed decisions and have a balanced approach to everything.
Who chooses long and carefully, focuses on practicality and durability. Who is guided not by emotions, but by common sense. Who cares about their health, safety and environmental friendliness.

For those who are looking for a profitable investment. For solution makers and those for whom sales have become the meaning of life. Who perceives the value of a product through the prism of its profitability.

Möbius for everyone.
EN 438
Manufacturing process
1320 mm
0,6, 0,8 mm
2440 mm, 3050 mm

Application examples

Product benefits

Safety - eco-friendly antibacterial surface.

Soft touch - silky velvet möbius surface.

Absolute matte. Feeling the depth of shades and muted colors. High degree of light absorption.

Without fingerprints. Not susceptible to fingerprints, palms.

High thermal resistance.

Practicality. Ease of cleaning without the use of special tools.

Reliability. Resistant to abrasion and minor scratches. It is enough to rub with your finger to remove small abrasions and restore the möbius

Plastic. Postformability to a radius of 5 mm

Versatility of application. vertical and horizontal surfaces. Furniture, interior, door leafs, walls

Complex solutions. HPL/CPL, worktops, wall panels, compact laminate, furniture fronts, edging.

Endless decor collection. Any ornament or image in the maximum length of execution is 5.5 meters. From 1 sheet of exclusive product

Order fulfillment speed. The minimum production time for a unique product is 72 hours from the moment of application

Create your own unique design.

Find the right solution for you